Our hygiene concept. The protection of all guests, employees and external parties such as craftsmen and suppliers is our absolute priority.

Measures for implementation during hotel operation based on the applicable general ordinance:

Scope: All areas and employees (abbreviated MA) of the hotel for an indefinite period.

Updating: continuous

Hygiene representative: Nicole Zaecke

If you have any questions about our hygiene concept or if you are concerned about something around your stay, please speak to us directly on site or contact us via info@artappart.com.


  • In the entire building, we inform our guests about the applicable distance rules and hygiene protection measures with appropriate signs and pictograms. Specifically, this is done at all entrances & exits, on each floor in front of the lifts and in the stairwell, in the lifts.
  • A maximum of 2 persons may ride in the lifts at the same time, observing the minimum distance.
  • Disinfection racks are available at the entrances and exits
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  • We operate contactless behind a glass and have organised all procedures so that we do not come into contact with you
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Housekeeping/room cleaning

  • A cleaning schedule specifically adapted to current requirements is meticulously implemented by our staff.
  • The dirty laundry from the departure rooms is collected and professionally stored directly in the designated areas, without guests coming into contact with the laundry trolleys.
  • The cleaning interval in the entire house has been increased. All handles, handrails and public WCs are cleaned and disinfected twice a day.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary stays of our staff in the guest rooms, cleaning will only take place from 6 nights onwards.